pros of dating me

  • you can hold my hand whenever you want
  • you can cuddle with me whenever you want
  • you can kiss me whenever you want

cons of dating me

  • i get jealous easily
  • i’m sad a lot
  • i will never feel good enough for you no matter how many times you tell me i am

Anonymous asked:

How'd u describe your accent ?

My accent is what is called Received Pronunciation, which is your typical “posh” English accent. I do not have what’s described as a regional accent eg cockney or Liverpool accent. When I have to sing for theatre (v rarely since I suck at it) it is with an american accent. That’s just how I sing, it sounds better than an English singing voice for productions to me. Some people think my voice sounds slightly German which would make sense since I lived in Germany for a few years and I am part German but I can’t hear it honestly. Having spent so much time across the pond my accent and choice of words often does morph into a more american twang that people enjoy commenting on. It varies, but on the whole English.